My name is Alex Mader and I am an Electronic Music Producer and Blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Music is a enormous part of my life and this is where I share some of my experiences, insight and passion to you on the internet. This blog is something of a fun side project for me, a medium for me to express my perspective on the goings on of the music world and share some interesting and hopefully useful content with others like you.

Here you can find some of my own articles on topics I feel inspired to share. So far a range between reviews and reflections on current events and artists. I also enjoy reblogging content I find engaging and relevant. If you have a blog you think I might find interesting feel free to let me know. I love to admire the work of others and it would be great to become a part of the music blogging community.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read through my musings and I hope you find something you like.


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